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Pawlaks Custom Sympathy

Our Sympathy Flowers are designed to comfort those left behind and to represent your loved one's personality. There is no right or wrong when choosing floral arrangements to commemorate a life well lived. You may want to think of a favorite flower or color of your cherished family member or a combination which represents their spirit, culture or passions. We are happy to customize any piece to your liking- please let us know how we can make your flowers special.

If you would like to add a bow or just ribbon tails with script, the cost is $2.50 per word. Please choose from these available adjectives: BELOVED, CHERISHED, DARLING, DEAR/DEAREST, GREAT LOVING, and titles: AUNT, BROTHER, CHILDREN, COUSIN, DAD/DADDY/PAPA, DAUGHTER, FAMILY, FATHER, FRIEND, GODFATHER, GODMOTHER, GRANDFATHER/GRANDPA, GRANDMOTHER/GRANDMA, HUSBAND, IN LAW, MOTHER/MOM/MAMA, NEIGHBOR, NEPHEW, NIECE, SISTER, SON, UNCLE, WIFE. If you would like script in anything other that what is listed, the cost is $5.00 per word. Call us with your selection or type it in the "Special Instructions" section of checkout found under Delivery Information.